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Corporate events

Our company has been organising Kidsprogram all over Hungary since 2008. Primarily we arrange birthday parties, family events for private and corporate orders. This is a great opportunity to let family and work relationships intertwist and help colleagues and families to get to know each other.

They can participate in organised outdoor creative art and cratófts and sport programs. We offer theme games, active, fast uninterrupted competition, station games, interactive quizzes and team games managed by our qualified, professional entertainment team.

We organise corportae programs for public national holidays such as Santa Claus, Christmas, Easter, Carnival and Halloween.

We offer special price for corporate events.

The most popular animation programs:

Balloon twisting 

Kids and adults can get an insight into the secrets of balloon twisting and learn the basic technics how to create their favourite balloon figures by themselves.

One of the most favourite children's program is face painting.

Let's become our famous cartoon figure!

Creative arts and crafts

Create creative craft toys and tools with us that you can copy them with your children at home by yourselves as well. Parents and their children can work together and share pleasure of creation.

Active team games, quizzes, competitions

Music games, disco for younger and older kids

We offer musical entertainment for children(from 4 to 17 years old) with choreography, bubble machine, confetti canon, giant parachute, karaoke, professional sound and light technic

Interactive magic

Baby corner








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