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General birthday party

You can choose between three different birthday packages (find detailed information under Price menu point).

Mini Disco with English songs and choreography (5-7 year olds )
Club Dance with American songs and choreography (8-12 year olds)
Interactive music quiz-Buzz
Movie quiz
Music Games for small children
Face painting, body painting
Balloon modeling (balloon animals for small children, party balloons for older kids)
Indoor and outdoor team games (with balloons, water games, sweets)
Treasure hunt
Interactive magician show
Wish balloons
Glitter tattoo
Bounce house
Water slide


If there is not enough place at home for a birthday party and you rather entrust the cleaning for sb else, we can help you to find the suitable location.

You can choose from the smaller rooms up to the big halls.

Let's make it in a playhouse, in a sport center or in a luxury hotel!


We can create a photo CD for all the kids,  so each participant can take the best pictures home.

Our professional cameraman can compose a five minute long selection of the whole party.




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